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Doggie Dip and Clip Inc.
Professional Grooming
Doggie Dip & Clip 507 Pinegrove Rd Oakville Ontario 905-844-7778
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Doggie Dip & Clip.   Located in the Pinegrove Plaza, one block south of Speers just east off 4th line. Serving clients in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga since 1981.

We are open at 8:00am to 5:00pm  (closing time varies with appointments)  Tuesday to Saturday.  Flexible opening / closing hours for our early drops or late pickups.  We forward our phone so appointments can be arranged 7 days a week from 7:30am to 10:00pm.
Our customers come from all over the GTA.  A good groomer is like a good hairdresser or barber ...once found, they are worth the drive!  Our professionally trained and acclaimed Groomer is one of the best in the business....... your furry friend will never look better!  

Doggie Dip & Clip is an owner operated grooming facility.  We provide our customers with a high level of service at a competitive price.  Our goal is not to be the biggest…but the best.  Big box stores with a high employee turn over can’t provide that one on one service and consistency we strive for.  We love to hear “she/he looks gorgeous" when you pickup.     

Our mission:

Consistency:  The most important aspect is providing our clients with the same level of service over and over again.  That’s why we only have one master groomer along with their assistants who ensure your pet is clipped the same way and to your expectations every visit. 

Communication:  You specify your clipping requirements and we meet or exceed your expectations.  If we are unable to comply (i.e. badly matted) our groomer is on the phone to you before clipping commences.  You want the tail fluffy, a clean face, maybe a Schnauzer or Wheaten cut, we are listening.  

Loyalty:  Getting to know our customers and their pets is important to us.  We want your business and will do whatever it takes to ensure our relationship is a long one.  We want your pet to walk in happy and leave happy. (only looking better)  Our staff  needs to build a rapport with your pet, subjecting them to different grooming facilities all the time will likely cause them stress.  Dogs never forget a good or bad experience….we need to build that trust with your pet, that grooming is pleasurable and not to be feared.   

Flexibility:  Ask us…we try very hard not to use the word “NO” in our vocabulary. You are our customer…your pet is a member of your family.  Special requests are usually met with a big “Yes”.  

Sameday appointments (905-844-7778) are often available and those emergency late night "skunk" calls are always answered.  We are located in the Pinegrove Plaza (Oakville South) Pinegrove Rd. runs parallel to Speers (1 Block South) between 4th line and Dorval.  We are only 1km from the Q.E.W. Dorval exit and only 5 minutes from downtown Oakville.
We offer:                                                                      
**Full Grooming                                                
**Bath Only
**Nail cutting & grinding  (Pedicure - Nail trim and dremel smooth.) 
**Teeth Scaling & Brushing (Very important for your pets good health)
**Quick Trims
**Brush Outs
**Specialty Baths (Skunk, Flea)
Big or small, short hair or long, most dogs should be bathed and groomed at least every 3 months.  If you like to keep their hair length a little longer than regular brushing and grooming is important  in keeping a healthy  unmatted coat.  Even short haired dogs need their undercoat bushed and blown out regularly. 
Drop your dog on the way to work for a spa day. We will tailor our opening hours to meet your drop and pickup schedule, or even pickup and drop off at your house.   Your pet receives regular walks / bathroom breaks in the green space behind our store for stays of 4 hours or more.
We accept -