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Terms & Conditions


-Apppointments:  Please arrive on time.  We may have to push your pets grooming time forward for late arrivals to allow for other booked appointments.  We normally allow a 20 minute grace period before we contact you by phone.  Your appointment may have to be cancelled.

-No Shows/Cancelations:  Please let us know if you can’t make your appointment 24 hours before.  During busy periods we turn away clients and a no shows/cancelations leaves a gap in our day we can't fill.  Currently we do not charge a no show or late cancelation fee but reserve this option.

-Bathroom:  Please insure that your pet has relieved themselves before you arrive.  We have limited time to take your pet out for a walk. We normally provide a bathroom break if your pet has been with us more than 4 hours.  We reserve the option of charging extra if your pet requires a second bath.

-Matted dogs.  We can not be held responsible for minor cuts should your pet come in for grooming in a condition where the hair is so badly matted that surgical type clipper blades need to be used to get between the hair and skin.  You will be advised immediately should we deem that your pets safety cannot assured.  

-Fleas:  If you suspect your pet has fleas, please inform us before you bring your pet into the store.  A staff member will walk your pet directly into our back door and into the bath area to prevent any spread to other clients.

-Vaccinations:   Please have your pets shots up to date.  From time to time a staff member is bitten and we want to protect our employees health.  If your pet’s vaccinations are not up to date (yearly) please do not book a grooming appointment.   

-Grooming rates include ½ day daycare.  Please let us know on drop off of your schedule or let us know if you might be delayed picking up your pet.  A $10.00 charge may apply.

-Injury:  We have been fortunate that we have not had any injuries to pets caused by an accident or negligence.  However, we are dealing with sharp instruments and unpredictable movements of an animal that doesn’t understand the words “don’t move”.  We take measures to insure your pet doesn’t injure themselves during the grooming process.  Sometimes we simply can't finsh the face trim and those customers understand that for some difficult dogs we use our good judgement.  We may determine that a second short appointment the following day is best for an uncooperative dog rather then taking the chance of injury.  However, our maximum liability in the event of injury caused by us is $500.00.  In the event of injury that may require vet services, we will attempt to contract you.  If we determine that immediate medical services is required, we will transport your pet to our vet.